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August 2012

Dear Robin,
Nanhaki dies from snake bite

Nanhaki joined our new pre-school programme for girls in April. As her photo shows she was a happy child and full of life and would have made it to our primary school. Her life was cut short by a tragic accident after she arrived home from school.
Nanhaki was playing near her house when she was bitten by a snake, probably a
cobra. The snake was in a pile of cow dung cakes and bit her on the foot when she was near. She told her father, who at first did not believe her, but as she became ill he took her to the local medicine man who tried to get her to drink a potion he had made up but she was already too ill and died soon after.

Sadly, you will see from the list below that we lose a child each year from accidents like this. The number who are injured will be ten times this number. It is a hard life for our children in rural India.
List of Mala children who have died
Scholar No Name Class School Date Reason
G0106 Deen Mohamad
Guria 24 August 1992 Brain fever
G0039 Reeta
Guria 18 December 1992 Due to cold
G0388 Surendra Kumar
Guria 11 May 1997 Road accident
A0125 Rajendra Prasad
Amoi 28 March 1998 Burned in house fire
A0298 Ram Sajiwan
Amoi 21 September 1998 Brain fever
G0828 Radhika Devi
Guria 12 February 2000 Road accident
H0488 Shiv Pujan
Hasra 1 April 2003 Accident by tractor
P0314 Ram Kishun
Patehera 30 September 2004 Drowned in pond
G0525 Ajit
Guria 31 May 2005 Road accident
M0439 Pooja
Mujehera 27 June 2006 Rabies from dog bite
P0565 Ashok Kumar
Patehera 6 May 2007 Accidentally shot
T0022 Sabita
Turkahan 31 July 2007 Brain fever
G0990 Parvita Devi
Guria 12 August 2008 Brain fever
G0408 Ashwanai Kumar
Guria 2 November 2009 Rabies from dog bite
A1044 Karan
Amoi 30 May 2011 Fever and stomach ache

Nanhaki Pre school Turkahan 9 August 2012 Bitten by snake

Pre-school girls with teachers and Nanhaki - 2nd row right